pH: Little Number, Big Impact

pH is the measure of acidity of lake water; 7 is neutral, and values below that are acidic.  Every unit drop is a ten-fold difference (remember learning logarithms in school?  This is why the numbers are small, and it is also why the p is lower case and H is upper case).

As the pH of White Lake's primary source water--rainfall--has changed, so too has the pH of the lake water.  The "new normal" pH range is 6 to 7.5, with excursions above that during periods of an algae bloom or when there are high amounts of aquatic vegetation growing on the lake bottom.

Elevated pH levels--above 7 to 7.5 for a sustained period--create conditions that are favorable for the "bad actor" cyanobacteria as well as Hydrilla.

pH is Stable in 2019

There has been less variability in pH levels this year, with values staying within the range of 6-7